Enchanted Globes

Looking for a Magical & Enchanted Unique walkabout act then look no further ....

We are delighted to introduce 3 Spectacular Themed Enchanted Globes

* Enchanted Flower Garden - The Enchanted Garden is a completely unique, beautifully illuminated, interactive walkabout act. Perfect for Spring & Summer entertainment. The mystical & beautiful flower nymph who lives inside this magical & unique mobile microclimate draws spectators into her magical world, filled with butterflies & charm, magic & wonder.

* Living Snow Globe - The Living Snow Globe is the only roaming, special effect filled snow globe act in the world. This ultimate wow factor for any winter themed event. Ethereal & magical, the Snow Queen in her snow globe enchants & mesmerises as she mingles with guests of all ages. Gliding gracefully through events, she creates her special brand of magic & with it lasting memories.

* Sea Sphere - The Sea Sphere is a one of a kind under the sea themed creation , this is a mermaid act like no other ! Our mermaid gracefully through crowds, sheltered safely in her giant magical globe. Released long enough to bring smiles to the faces lucky enough to look upon hers. This mystical mermaid mesmerises young & old alike with her undersea performance, complete with dancing seaweed & other creatures of the beautiful deep blue sea.

These globes are a complete unique roaming interactive attraction for events. A ONE of a kind anywhere in the world. The ultimate WOW factor for a discerning audience.

This is new form of event entertainment that creates lasting memories !!!