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Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth

An enchanting interactive puppetry walkabout. Hodman and Sally have lived happily by themselves for hundreds of years, blissfully unaware of the changing world around them. Now they have ventured out in search of fame, fortune and friendship, enjoying a second youth touring the world with their possessions strapped to their backs.

The delightfully captivating Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth are a wee pair of wonderful wanderers from the proud country of Oblivia. Despite being completely oblivious (and proud of it) Hodman and Sally will adorably attempt to explain the new and baffling world around them. The effect of meeting this unique and memorable couple is often described as 'spellbinding'- with people of all ages becoming completely captivated by the ingenious illusion and witty personalities of the two characters. A totally heart-warming and magical walkabout performance.

These characters are "pod" puppets where the puppeteer is completely concealed within the costume. This creates the charming illusion of an elderly couple of miniature proportions, with huge personalities and a not-so-firm grip on the ways of modern living. This is one of the most well loved acts around, delighting audiences the world over with it's witty improvisation, charming characterisations and utterly captivating effect.



Pongo, the world's only eight-foot baby Obobee bird, is loved by adults and children alike for his charming personality and stunning appearance. This playful hatchling is accompanied by eccentric pet shop owner Bill Oddity, an inter-dimentional travelling salesman with a menagerie of the galaxy's most extraordinary creatures and a sales technique that is out of this world! Having accidentally been transported to our dimension, Pongo and Bill Oddity must find a way home by any means possible...and if Bill can shift some stock on the way, so much the better. Quantum physics meets animal husbandry. Pongo is a totally unique animatronic creature, fitted with custom built mechanisms and actuators that allow the hidden puppeteer to animate the various features of Pongo, from the subtlest fluttering of his eye lids to magnificent leaps and bounds.