Seeing is believing with our illuminated, talking puppets ....

SPRING / SUMMER THEMED - Charming, cheeky & thoroughly engaging these magical creatures have flown in from the meadow to explore the human world. Watch them as they fly & flit about, spreading summer's warmth & tales of their woodland habitat. Now you see them, now you don't! These characters will bewitch & beguile your audience.

WINTER THEMED - Released into the human world in the months leading up to Christmas these spirited & mischievous creatures float, fly & flit from person to place; investigating & exploring as they go & spreading festive cheer, quips & yarns or winter lands & stories galore!

The Sprites is a strolling/walkabout street theatre show consisting of 2 puppeteer/performers operating 2 bunraku-style puppets, (the puppeteers are visible, veiled, & are behind the puppets animating their movements, giving them voice). The Sprites are beautifully constructed puppets with exquisite attention to detail. Each puppet stands approx. 3ft tall & is costumed in glorious shimmering greens & golds that are illuminated with led lights integrated into the costumes, (perfect for daytime & evening events alike; festivals and parades). The show is a strolling visual spectacle involving spoken interactions with the audience/public & accompanied by a magical 'summer meadow soundtrack' OR by a magical 'winter soundscape' depending on season.